In the small town of Oroslavje, the heart of Hrvatsko zagorje, and only about thirty kilometers away from Zagreb, two modernly furnished apartments named Iris Croatica open their doors for those who are in search of peace and relaxation.

Built on a large, quiet area of 5000 m2, our flats provide you with a relaxing vacation and an oasis of peace. Allow yourself to forget about time and hurry and to experience the singing of birds and the scent of morning dew. Consciously enjoy the moment and let the sun, wind, or rain manage your time. Here, time plays no role, and therefore every moment is valuable. The unique nature rewards you with a palette of colors, making the landscape astonishing at any time of the year.



In close proximity to the capital and all the attractions it offers, and on the other hand, embraced by nature and rural peace, live your fairytale, because Zagorje has everything that makes a real fairytale: castles, forests, trails, stories and legends, good food, and cheerful people.

After spending a vacation in our homeland, rich in history, good wines, and homemade food, alone or in good company, we are convinced that you will want to return and repeat everything.

In Zagorje, every generation can find something for themselves. It is the ideal place for a family vacation because, when the time for shared family moments is dwindling, it's good to have a place that will appeal to everyone, from the youngest to the oldest